Hire Myanmar FDW’s

Myanmar FDW’s

Why Hire Myanmar FDW’s

When looking to hire domestic help, it is only natural for you to at first be apprehensive and critical of a potential employee’s character and skill. Who you hire will not only work with you closely, but will also stay with your family and spend most of their time in your house as well; and thus, there’s a need to take on someone who’s proven to be trustworthy and competent. You also have to decide from which country you’d like to hire your house help from.

In Singapore, you can only hire FDW’s from countries approved by the Ministry of Manpower, and from this short list, the most popular are those from the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar. Among the three, Myanmar FDW’s are generally favored for their dedication and sweet disposition.


Benefits of Hiring Myanmar FDW’s

There are also benefits to hiring a Myanmar FDW in Singapore, which are:

  • They cost less compared to others. In recent times, the Singaporean government has mandated that Myanmar FDW’s should receive, at a minimum, a monthly wage of SGD 450, while Filipinos and Indonesians receive up to SGD 550 per month.
  • They are easy to work with. One of the reasons why Singaporean prefer FDW’s from Myanmar is because of their obedience, positivity and sweet temperament. With hard work and dedication, they can also be left to manage the household with little to no faults.
  • They are fast learners. Though language may be a barrier at first, they are fast learners who pick up English and even Chinese quickly, given sufficient guidance and exposure. The same goes when it comes to household responsibilities. Once you’ve walked them through their daily tasks, they will follow your instructions efficiently.
  • They complain less and are the least demanding. They are more concerned about the welfare of their employers’ households and are determined to work hard to better their lives. They are respectful and courteous in their words and actions.
  • They are well-trained. Our Myanmar FDW’s have undergone basic training on how to manage households and do their chores responsibly and efficiently. Some are even trained specifically to care for the elderly and young children. They have the initiative to also hone their skills and knowledge to fulfill their tasks.

Hiring a Myanmar FDW in Singapore will help you relieve the burden of household chores, allowing you to spend more time with your family and work with a peace of mind.

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