Hire Cambodian FDW’s

Cambodian FDW’s

With our fast paced lives, it’s no secret that having an extra pair of hands around the house goes a long way. This is why many FDW agencies in Singapore help households look for a suitable helper, which would give them more time and flexibility in their daily schedules. Cambodian FDW’s are especially popular, mainly because of the quality of their services and their overall friendly and professional disposition.

There are also plenty of advantages that come with hiring a Cambodian FDW in Singapore, these include:

  • Lower salary – Compared with FDW’s from the Philippines who generally earn a basic salary of $580, the minimum basic pay for Cambodian FDW’s is about $500.
  • Trained – Similarly, Cambodian FDW’s from accredited agencies in Singapore have received proper training to ensure that they can perform any housekeeping duties that might be requested by their employer. These trainings commonly cover language lessons, general housework and cooking basic Singaporean dishes. Helpers are also taught to use modern equipment such as electrical or smart appliances to better facilitate household management.
  • Specialized services – As mentioned above, FDW’s go through training at our Cambodian FDW’s agency before they are deployed. These cover general household issues such as cleaning and cooking. However, in some cases, an employer can look for a helper who specializes in a particular skill, such as elder-, infant- and toddler-care.
  • Communication – While there may be some language barriers between Cambodians and Singaporeans, they are minimized as training centres provide English courses as part of their service. Some even provide a crash course on Singaporean culture as well.
  • Professionalism – Cambodian FDW’s are generally dedicated, diligent and reliable. They are also known to have a willingness in learning specifics from employers so they can better conduct housekeeping to the family’s satisfaction.

A helper in your home will immediately relieve you of household chores that take away precious time and energy from your family or work. Hiring a FDW is certainly an investment, but the results are worth it.

Asset Agency Pte Ltd is a FDW service provider that helps match Indonesian, Filipino, Myanmar and Cambodian helpers to Singaporean households. Asset boasts accreditations from the Ministry of Manpower and various Asian embassies, so you can be assured of quality services. For more information, call 6385 8558 / 6467 5885 today.